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Tell City Council it's time to level the playing field and
effectively regulate short-term rentals

The facts don't lie.

Short-term rentals cause long-term problems.

Key Findings

  • Metro Vancouver’s hotel sector supports approximately 12,100 FTE jobs, compared to approximately 230 supported by Airbnb.

  • Almost 5000 short-term rental units were added by Airbnb in Vancouver between 2015-2016; many of these units were taken out of the cities long-term rental supply.

  • Short Term Rentals have decreased the supply of affordable housing in Vancouver.

  • The number of Airbnb units operated by multi-unit commercial operators increased by 61% over the past two years - These are unregulated business operations and not people sharing their homes with guests.

  • Unregulated commercial operators drive 38.2% of Airbnb's revenue in Vancouver, totaling almost $33 million in 2016/2017.

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