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Key Messages

Key Message #1

We are calling on the federal government to modernize their tax laws and take action to address tax avoidance in the digital economy. Other jurisdictions around the world, including the European Union, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Norway, have modernized their tax laws and Canada should follow suit.

Key Message #2

A study released from the Hotel Association of Canada shows that commercial operators are growing exponentially and are far outpacing actual home sharing activity. In fact, only 17% of Airbnb’s revenues in Canada come from true home-sharing, while 83% of Airbnb’s revenues come from entire home rentals where the owner is not present.

Key Message #3

This growth in commercial operations is concerning. Multi-unit hosts account for over 30% of all revenue generated on Airbnb in Canada.

Key Message #4

Multiple entire-home units are the fastest growing Airbnb segment in terms of the number of hosts, the number of units, and revenues generated in the past two years. This demonstrates that almost one-third of Airbnb’s revenue is generated through actively managed businesses – ones that do not resemble the original concept of home-sharing.

Key Message #5

Today, the short-term rental industry operates with limited regulation. Online platforms are being used to operate commercial accommodation businesses, resulting in unintended consequences including lost taxes, less housing, community nuisances and even criminal activity.

Key Message #6

The short-term rental industry should not be exempt from the rules and regulations designed to build successful communities and keep travellers safe. These standards are in place for a reason.

Key Message #7

Short-term rental platform companies have said they are willing and able to work within a reasonably regulated environment, but they will not volunteer to do so. Governments have a responsibility to set fair, sensible rules for all accommodation providers and enforce them.

Key Message #8

The hotel industry is committed to working alongside governments in Canada to develop a fair, sensible and practical approach to the short-term rental industry that acknowledges the difference between true home sharing and a commercial operation. Getting this balance right will protect communities and ensure that visitors continue to experience a safe and enjoyable stay.

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